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Our manufacturing program includes endless varieties of all types of coil springs with a wire range of 0.10 mm to 8.00 mm (0.004'" to 0.315") with full automation.
Types of springs manufactured include :

  1. Compression Springs :
    For compressive or pressing loads.
  2. Extension Springs :
    For tensile or pulling loads
  3. Torsion Springs :
    For torsion or twisting loads.

The above varieties combined with different materials, end forming and metal finishes suit a multitude of applications.


Wire formings are products arrived out of precision forming of a straight wire to cater to several applications. We have specialist wire form tooling designers to cater to the most complicated needs.
Our capacity to manufacture wireforms ranges from 0.5 mm to 8.00 mm of wire diameter (0.02" to 0.315").

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